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Fume hood


This is a :!: WIP project, the beginning of HS biochemistry department. Objective: build a fume hood.


  • Dimensions: 1m wide height to be specified (Assigned to Luca Bernardi)
  • Working surface set at 100cm from floor.
  • Electricity:
    • LED strips or a couple LED bulbs from IKEA.
    • 2 or 3 electric sockets for gear.
    • Same switch turns on light and fan.
  • Water:
  • Gas:
    • Room under saved for a gas bottle, hoses and a pressure regulator.
    • Gas outlet in the fume hood for a bunsen burner.
    • Way to pull gas from the same bottle to a different outlet (room for a splitter)
  • Storage:
    • Would be good to keep chemical waste containers in a cabinet under the fume hood.
  • Fumes extraction: As per Wikipedia article, required airflow at 460mm opening needs to be 30m/min. This works out to be 830m³/h.



  • Case out the room, take dimensions, plan out the fume exhaust location (Assigned to Luca Bernardi)
  • Design the fume hood box
  • Design the window mechanism
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