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Installation for BWA SiC exposition

Completion date2020/01/31

Mechanical installation for a BWA exposition "Jak nie później, to kiedy?". It consist of 2 parts: one is a hung rotating wheel, other is a slowly rotating floor-mounted 70cm plate with a counterrotating 110cm “orbit”. The exposition is live from 31/01/2020 to end of February 2020.

I don't have many materials to share and all of it was a custom job. I've learned some lessons that might come in handy:

Cutting circles in HDF (or other wood)

  1. Mount a top router with a straight cutting bit to a plank.
  2. Route into the plank to create a zero-clearance hole.
  3. Measure your desired radius from the hole, mark it and drill it to the size of your bolt.
  4. Drill into your workpiece, bolt mount the plank with router.
  5. Cut out the circle or arc.

The same technique can be used to cut a circular track in wood. Note: Don't use a 10mm cutting bit for cutting - with a couple meters of cutting I've created good couple litres of dust.

Driving wood around

The pins bent in a couple minutes. My approach to making the floor-mounted mechanics move was to rest it on a wheel mounted on a gear-reduced NEMA17 motor. None of the materials I've tried could get enough grip, the wheel was always slipping. At the end I've printed a wheel with recesses for sawing pins, cut off the heads and epoxied them in place. Mostly works, but they have a tendency to bend… Leave 1-2mms sticking out, and that is still no guarantee.

Fusion 360

It's shit. Just don't bother. It fucked me over big time. Learn something better.

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