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The big button

Completion date2019/12/21

Who doesn't like the satisfaction from pressing a decently sized button and putting a series of events into motion? This is a 3D-printable 50mm diameter button for your use in future projects.

Fusion 360 source: big_button_v2.f3d


  • 1 panel mounted momentary switch, 10mm case diameter
  • Filaments of your choice


Download the STL files. Print the base and retainer files without supports, I used 0.2mm layers. The body file will need supports. If your slicer supports it (eg. PrusaSlicer), decrease layer height on the top, so there's finer resolution on the curvature. While the body is printing, mount the momentary switch in the hole in the base, putting the washer on the bottom. Remove supports from body and place it on top of the button. Press-fit retainer over the button body. Don't push too far or your button won't work. The button body should be able to return fully to the top without having too much space left for rattling around.

You are done.

Luca Bernardi 2019/12/21 16:30

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