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Anet AX8 for Hackerspace Wrocław

Completion date2019/12/15

Ever since I got a new printer, my old trusty Anet was lying around and collecting dust. I've relegated her for public service at local Hackerspace. Harsh fate for sure, but with the metal frame I'm sure she'll take it well.

This page was created for HS's future reference and isn't all that much fun to read

Printer specifications

  • Build volume: 210 x 190 x 240mm (X/Y/Z)
  • Takes 1.75mm filament

FIXME The bed is not fully accessible due to vertical frame being mounted a touch too far back. Something to correct in the future - 8 screws need to be undone, frame slid forwards, aligned, tightened and Marlin configuration corrected.



Printer has been rebuilt with 3030 aluminum extruded profiles and mounted together using metal Bosch brackets for stiffness. There are some accessory printed brackets, but they do jack shit for the printer.


Anet mainboard is classified as industrial waste, that somehow ended up being shipped to unsuspecting customers. Houses have been burnt down because of it - when the CPU hangs, extruded is left powered.

The mainboard was replaced with RAMPS/Arduino Mega 2560 combination. Drivers are the famous TMC2208; they run a bit hot, but also quietly. All of this is run on Marlin, add a graphical display to boot and it makes a nice package.

Next to the extruder there's BL Touch - a hall effect retractable depth probe turning bed levelling from a tiresome task to a single button press.

The deathly trap of a OEM PSU was replaced with a 575W HP server one.


The hotend was replaced with a E3D V6 clone (with a teflon tube inside) sporting a versatile 0.4mm nozzle. Nothing to write home about.



Extruder was moved to the top of the frame as the printer was converted to a bowden fed one. This significantly reduces the mass of the Y carriage, letting it get up to speed with less jerk. While it won't print flex materials, an addition of Capricorn tubing makes for a quite tight solution needing little retraction.


New Igus Drylin bushings have been fitted. Drylin bushings have to be compressed to reach their final specification size. In order to comply with the specifications, I've come up with this solution: The linear bearing housings have been converted to compression housings for the bushings. A slot has been cut along the housing, hole drilled and countersunk perpendicular to the cut, allowing the housing to work and compress the bushing.

Printer also now has well-reinforced GT2 belts and adjustable belt tensioners.

The bed was hard-mounted in place of springs in light of adding the BL-Touch probe.

Luca Bernardi 2019/12/15 20:16

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