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Automatic spray adapter

Completion date2019/12/16

This adapter lets you use normal spray bottles in an automatic air freshener.

Replacement bottles for automatic air fresheners are four to eight times as expensive as they ought to be. This is due to the companies operating on a “razor and blades” business model - you buy a surprisingly cheap device and then find out the consumables are priced sky high. Canon does it with their printer inks, Gillette with razors and Air Wick with the aforementioned automatic sprays. Off brand fresheners, while having a simpler composition, are quarter the cost and double the volume, and still beat smelling old farts. To sidestep the issue, I hacked myself a simple adapter to use the “normal” 400ml air freshener bottles.

There are 2 parts to the project:

The adapter

Grab the STL file and print it out. Use a higher temperature so the layers bond well. While it's printing, check out the next section and resume here once done.

Press fit the adapter onto the automatic spray; the side with fins goes onto the bottom part and stays there, while the solid part goes around the mounting lip on the upper side. It should grab enough to stay in place but be simple to disassemble with a twist and pull.

The nubbin

Pull off the white nozzle off a used replacement cartridge. By design they are smaller than the tubes on a standard aerosol, but they kindly make the plastic thick enough so it can be easily drilled out. Grab a 4mm drill bit and drill into the nozzle to enlarge the hole. Remove the cap from your new spray and press on the modified nozzle (don't spray yourself in the eyes). Once the spray is empty, remove the nozzle from the old can and repeat the last step.

You are done, congratulations.

Luca Bernardi 2019/12/21 16:30

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